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Continental Plane Crash

Representing Plane Crash Victims and Their Families

The Gibson Law Firm has represented thousands of individuals who have been severely injured, in addition to the families of those who have perished as the result of wrongful deaths. For each person or family, the pursuit of legal action was not wanted, but became necessary because of the circumstances. When something tragic occurs, such as a plane crash and the loss of life, family members and loved ones are devastated. Sadly, many of the injuries and deaths that occur could have been prevented. Many of our clients come to us wanting answers:

  • Could this tragedy have been prevented?
  • If the company had followed their own policies and procedures, would the outcome have been different?
  • Was there a conscious disregard for the safety of our family member?
  • What are our legal rights?
  • How can we compensate the family, the spouse and the children?
  • How can we make sure this never happens again?

The Gibson Law Firm has helped many families work through the loss of a family member who has been severely injured or killed. We provide confidential consultation and representation. We investigate and pursue each claim aggressively. We are committed to our clients and to making sure each family gets the answers they deserve, in addition to the compensation necessary to provide for the family of someone who has been wrongfully killed.

You may also be asking yourself, “If I do not live in Texas , can I hire a Texas lawyer to pursue my claims and give me legal advice?”  The answer is YES.  The Gibson Law Firm represents individuals across the country.  The benefits of having our firm handling your case in Houston are significant:

  • The Gibson Law Firm is currently representing passengers that were injured when Continental Flight 1404 crashed in Denver on December 20, 2008;
  • The Gibson Law Firm has filed suit against Continental Airlines in Houston , Texas , as a result of the crash of Flight 1404;
  • The Gibson  Law Firm is a Houston-based Law Firm and Continental is a Houston-based company; and
  • The Gibson Law Firm has pursued multiple cases against Continental Airlines in the past.

There are MANY benefits to pursuing injury or wrongful death claims against Continental Airlines in Houston , Texas , even if the victim or victim’s family resides outside of the state.  Please give us a call to discuss your legal rights.  We are here to answer any questions you may have, without obligation and without cost associated with the consultation. 

If The Gibson Law Firm pursues a case on your behalf, it will be on a contingency fee basis. That means we will not bill you hourly and you will not have to pay a retainer.  We will only be compensated for our efforts if we receive a recovery on your behalf.  We will also pay all of the expenses associated with the case, subject to recouping the expenses if there is a recovery made.  The Gibson Law Firm will not charge any fees or expenses if a recovery is not made.

Continental Plane Crash - Flight 1404

On Saturday, December 20, 2008, at 6:18pm, Continental Flight 1404 was set to take off from Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, headed for Houston’s Intercontinental Airport. The plane traveled 2,000 feet after leaving the runway, veered off an embankment and burst into flames. There were 115 passengers and crew members on the Continental flight. Thirty-eight people including the captain of the plane were injured. The NTSB is currently investigating.

The Gibson Law firm, based in Houston is following the investigation closely and will be pursuing legal action against Continental if necessary, on behalf of those who were aboard the flight. In Texas, personal injury victims can be compensated, as well as those who suffer from Mental Anguish only, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you or one of your family members was aboard Continental Flight 1404, we are available for immediate legal advice and representation.

Continental/Colgan Air Flight 3407

On February 12, 2009, a Continental commuter plane crashed into a suburban Buffalo house in a firey crash that killed all 49 people aboard. This is the second Continental plane to crash within a 54 day time span. On Saturday, December 20, 2008, Continental Flight 1404 was set to take off from Denver International Airport in Denver , Colorado , headed for Houston ’s Intercontinental Airport . The plane traveled 2,000 feet after leaving the runway, veered off an embankment and burst into flames.

Flight 3407 had 45 passengers on board and a crew of four. The plane was a twin turboprop aircraft being operated by Manassas, Virginia-based Colgan Air. The flight departed from Newark, NJ and was headed for Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The plane was carrying at least 5,000 pounds of fuel and exploded on impact.

As investigators continue to gather evidence into the deadly crash of Flight 3407, some experts say pilot experience and error may have been a factor. Various Federal Aviation Administration officials have suggested that icing of the wings might have caused the plane to crash. Icing can degrade a plane’s ability to stay in the air. The pilots of Flight 3407 had commented that “significant” ice was forming on the windshield and wings, according the conversation heard on the cockpit’s voice recorder.

More importantly, officials are now focusing on the plane’s autopilot system. The plane’s autopilot was steering until it automatically switched off when a system on the plane began warning the pilots of a imminent stall (flying too slow to maintain lift). The manufacturer of the plane advises operators not to use the autopilot in icing conditions.

The Gibson Law Firm is continuing to pursue claims on behalf of its clients resulting from the crash of Continental Flight 1404. The Gibson Law Firm will also be monitoring the events surrounding Flight 3407.

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